The Ethnographic and Folk Culture Society, Lucknow is a 74 years old organization. It was founded by the Late Prof. D.N. Majumdar, a pioneer in the field of Indian Anthropology and tribal research, in the year 1945. It is one of the foremost organizations working on various aspects of Indian Society and Culture in general and Tribal and Dalit development in particular. The Society has about 800 life members spread all over the world which consists of social scientists, anthropologists, social workers, archaeologists, bureaucrats etc. The society regularly publishes 3 journals, runs a public library, a museum, conducts conferences, memorial lectures regularly and conducts projects. The society is now placed at MG-46, Sector-C, Aliganj, Lucknow-226024, U.P., India. We are constructing a permanent building: Majumdar Bhawan at Jankipuram, Lucknow.
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The Organization

The General Body consists of all life members and the Executive Committee consisting of 35 members, 18 from Lucknow and 17 from elsewhere.