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THE EASTERN ANTHROPOLOGIST is a refereed, quarterly journal issued every March, June, September and December. International in character, content and coverage, The EA publishes papers, shorter notes, review articles, book reviews, discussions, news relating to research and academic/professional fora, communications and rejoinders on themes and problems which are of interest to professional anthropologists and other social scientists leaning towards an interdisciplinary approach.
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Editors Dr. Sukant K. Chaudhury, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow. Mob.: 9415011894
Dr. P. Venkata Rao, Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Mob.: 9440937293
Associate Editor Dr. Keya Pandey, Department of Anthropology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow. Mob.: 9450561571
Dr. Vibha Agnihotri, Department of Anthropology, Nari Siksha Niketan P.G.College, Lucknow, Mob.: 9452099243
Editorial Advisors T.N. Madan (Delhi)
R.K. Jain (New Delhi)
S. M. Patnaik (Delhi)
R. S. Khare, Charlottesville, U.S.A.


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1961-1963 Editor: D. K. Sen; Foreign Editors: Haimendorf and David G. Mandelbaum; Asstt. Editors: T.N. Madan (1961-1962) Jt. Editor: K.S. Mathur (1963)
1964-1977 Editor: K.S. Mathur; Foreign Editors : C. vonFurer Haimendorf and David G. Mandelbaum; Asstt. Editors: S.C. Verma S.C. Verma (1968-1977) and C. Verma (1975-1977).
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2004-2016 Editors: H.S. Saksena, Vinay kumar Srivastava, Nadeem Husain; Co-Editor: Sukant K. Chaudhury; Associate Editor: Samera Maiti


Editors : Sukant K. Chaudhury, P. Venkata Rao
Associate Editors : Keya Pandey, Vibha Agnihotri
Volume 76 Number 4 October-December 2023
Tribal India Today : Some Critical Issues and Questions Nadeem Hasnain 363
Complexities of Gatekeeping in Delhi: A Reflexive Account Sanchi Jain & L.N. Venkataraman 373
Neo-vaishnavism in Assam: Social Transformation, Structural Hierarchies and Cultural Consciousness Simashree Bora 387
Dr. Ambedkar’s Journey from Hinduism to Buddhism : Some Issues Pawan Kumar Misra 403
Urban Markets and Disability Access: A Case Study of Kolkata Nandini Ghosh 419
Islamic Feminism and Women Empowerment in Muslim Society: A Study Among Muslim Women of Guwahati Mahmudul Hasan Laskar & Ruma Deb Nath 437
Changing Agrarian Relations in Rural Telangana: A Case Study from Telangana State Praveen Kumar 451
Religious Aspects of Curative Practices Among the Maritime Fishing Communities Vadabalija and Jalari of Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh Vennela Venkatalakshmi & Chetti Srinivas 467
Mittal Publications. x+242 pp. ISBN 978-93-94569-74-4 (hbk). Price Rs. 900.
Prashant Anand
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN INDIA: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES, edited by Shikha Banerjee and Krittibas Datta. 2023.
Mittal Publications. xiv+276 pp. ISBN 978-93-94569-75-1 (hbk). Price Rs. 1100.
Samprikta Chatterjee
Indian Science Congress, 2023, Section on Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences
Sudeshna Biswas
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