EFCS has been holding lectures in memory of D.N. Majumdar and K.S. Mathur. In this series a number of lectures have been delivered by eminent scholars. Some of the lectures delivered are :

D.N. Majumdar Memorial Lectures Delivered

Eminent Scholars Lectures Delivered
Prof. S.C. Dube 1. Social Science in Changing Society.
2. The Growth of Indian Anthropology and a Blueprint for the Seventies.
Prof. H.D. Sankalia New Archaeology: Its Scope and Application to India
1.New Archaeology.
2. Archaeology in India.
Prof. S.R.K. Chopra Early Man in India (two lectures)
Prof. C. Von Furer 1. Developments among the Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh
2. The Soul and the Land of the Dead: South Asian Views
Prof. T.N. Madan NCulture, Society and Modernisation (two lectures)Prof.
Prof. B.B. Lal History of Ramayana and Mahabharata- how an archaeologist looks at the problem (two lectures)
Prof. Ramkrishna Mukherjee Culture and Society: The Context of India in particular (two volumes)
Prof. B.M. Das Peoples and Cultures of North-East India (two lectures)
Dr. D.P. Sinha New Frontiers of Anthropology: Cultural Contours of Management
Prof. N.S. Reddy Tribal Sub-Plan: Precept and Practice
Prof. R.S. Khare Strands in Cultural Imaginations: Interpreting Scholarly Itineraries in Indian Anthropology
Prof. R.K. Jain Indian Diaspora and Modernity: A Comparative picture
Prof. J. C. Sharma Meaning of Human Evolution in the light of Vedic Philosophy and Mordern Science
Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad Is there Caste among Muslims in India?
K.S. Mathur Memorial Lectures

Eminent Scholars Lectures Delivered
Dr. H.K. Rakshit Some Socio-Cultural Practices of the Tribes of Middle and South India
Prof. L.P. Vidyarthi Industrial Anthropology
Prof. V.N. Misra Journals and Prehistory of Indian Society
Dr. Sachin Roy Museum and Museology in India
Prof. S.C. Tewari Genetic Polymorphism in Human Population
Prof. K.N. Sharma Modernisation and Development
Dr. B.D. Sharma Technology for Tribal Development
Prof. P.K. Bhowmick Tribal Development Today
Prof. Vinay K. Srivastava Some Thoughts on Anthropology in India
Prof. D. K. Bhattacharya Anthropology at Cross Roads: Reflections on Reguvenation of Traditional Areas
Prof. A.K. Danda On Relevance of Anthropology : India
P. Venkata Rao Economic Anthropology In India : A Reflection and a Perspective


Established in the year 1978 and named after late K.S. Mathur, Head, Department of Anthropology who served as General Secretary of EFCS and played an important role in its growth, the Library has a rich collection of books relating to Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, Folk and Tribal Culture and other allied areas.

Since its inception it has been getting enriched by donations of books from the life members and other well wishers. The library also maintains a collection of several journals from India and abroad. In recent times it has emerged as a popular place for the researchers, students and aspirants for the Civil Services Examination.