Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics

It is an international forum for issues concerning Indian Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics in particular and other allied sciences in general. The main focus of the journal (started in 1975) is India. It also welcomes original research papers and brief reports providing comparative perspectives or offering comments on significant theoretical issues from all over the world. The journal is expected to serve as a medium for scholarly studies devoted mainly to biological aspects of human populations as regards genetics, evolution, ecology, demography, growth, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, disease patterns and behaviour of individuals comprising them.
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EDITORIAL ADVISORS Prof. S.C. Tiwari (Delhi)
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Prof. R.L. Kirk (Australia)
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Prof. Jeevan Kumar (Imphal)
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ASSISTANT EDITOR Dr. Rahul Patel (Allahabad)


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Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics

Volume 40 January-June 2021 No. 1


1 Forensic Aspects of DNA Methylation: A Review Arti Yadav, Dimple Bhatia, Jaskirandeep Kaur Jossan
Rajinder Singh
2 Digit Ratio and Autism: A Brief Report Biswarup Dey, Piyali Das, Diptendu Chatterjee
Arup Ratan Bandyopadhyay
3 ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy: A Confirmatory and Non-destructive Approach
for the Identification and Discrimination of Blood Stains
from Look-alike Non- Blood Substances
Sweety Sharma, Jaskirandeep Kaur Jossan
Karan Singh and Rajinder Singh
4 Estimating Sex from Skull Employing Walker's Non-metric Scoring Method Sadhna Verma and Udai Pratap Singh 39-45
5 Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) Taste Sensitivity Among Indian Population with
Special Reference to Rongmei Naga Tribe of Manipur, India
Basant Kumar Sen, B. S. Aribam
Rajesh K. Gautam
6 A Comparative Study of Face Biometrics Among Brahmin and
Vaishya Males of Lucknow District (Uttar Pradesh)
Preeti Gupta and Udai Pratap Singh 67-78
7 Quantitative Variation of Hair: Some Aspects of Evolutionary Biology Madhumati Chatterjee 79-85
8 Ethnomedicinal Investigation for Treating Piles Among
Tribal People of Bajag Forest Range of Central India
Mahesh Chandra Pal, Udai Pratap Singh
Rahul Patel
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