The D. N. Majumdar Museum of Folk Life and Culture

A vanishing culture, an identity crisis, distorted modernisation, outsiders and development activities in tribal societies endanger their distinctive identity, necessitating the ethnological institutions and museums to take steps to preserve the remains of these dying cultures.

It is for this very purpose that D.N. Majumdar Museum of Folk life and Culture was established in 1975. The displays in the galleries of the Museum focus on the balance between adaptiveness to changing times and survival of their inherent cultural ethos. A major section of the displays has been concentrated on the art and craft of the various tribal and folk societies some of whom are very primitive while the others show the natural trends that adoptions form about.

The Museum has a good many models of original tribal artifacts and other collections which are mostly from U.P. and M.P. as well as some other states. The museum has also produced two video films of 45 minutes each on the Tharu-a tribe of Uttar Pradesh. The Museum has been receiving non-recurring grants from the Department of Culture, Government of India.

Research Wing

Research wing of EFCS is engaged in regularly conducting research studies, evaluation and action-oriented research relating to different problems of social change, folk and tribal culture, development etc. The focus of research studies has been on the weaker and deprived sections of Indian society.

Research Oriented Projects Done

  • Safeguards for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes : Founding Fathers` Views (Indian Council of Social Science Research).
  • Administration of Scheduled and Tribal Areas (Indian Council of Social Science Research).
  • Tribal Movements in U.P. (Panel on Tribal Studies - ICSSR).
  • Documentation of Tribal Folk Songs, Folk Tales, etc. in Southern U.P. (National Museum of Man, Bhopal)
  • A Pilot Study on the Tharu Applique Embroidery (National Museum of Handicrafts, New Delhi)
  • Displacement and Rehabilitation of Tribal Population of Sonbhadra district, U.P. (Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India).
  • Working of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 in U.P. (Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India).
  • Evaluation study of selected IRDP and Special Component Plan Schemes for Scheduled Castes of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Evaluation of Quality Education, UNICEF.
  • Action and study plan to helpTharu women in their traditional crafts and Tharu girls in education in Pallia, Kheri District-U.P.